The Un-Cancelled 100-minute Race

The Columbus Red Nose Half Marathon was cancelled this weekend, so this is an impromptu “race” to fill the gap. The Un-cancelled Race is not a Distance race, like a 5k or Half Mary, but instead is a Time Limit race. The goal is to see how far you can run in the 100 minute race time. All racers need to return to the finish line before the deadline.


  • Saturday, January 9, 2021
  • Race starts at 9am and will end for everyone promptly at 10:40am
  • Start and Finish at the SummerGrove Clubhouse, 335 SummerGrove Pkwy, Newnan — Map: https://goo.gl/maps/zui3k5xJy6duSrxg7
  • Open to anyone who wants to participate… we will Social Distance before and after the race, so please respect other runners’ 6-foot bubble
  • Entry Fee:  $0 (cash only)
  • Sponsored by the East Coweta Cross Country team

The Course:

You’ll start at the Summergrove clubhouse, run to the LINC, cross a major road, run on the new LINC bridge over I-85, cross another major road, head toward Newnan, run around the Newnan square, then return back on the same course.  The Finish Line is at the Summergrove clubhouse, same as the Start Line.

  • Rules:
    1. Obey all traffic laws.  If the pedestrian light is red, you cannot cross the road.  Most of the course is on sidewalks, but there are many road crossings and we have to be safe (and it’s important to not get arrested for jaywalking). Live within the law, people.
    2. The maximum race time is 100 minutes which means if you return to the Finish Line in 101 minutes, you’ll be disqualified.  You should be able to get to downtown Newnan and back if you can average an 8-minute mile.  Everyone else will need to turn around and head back early. Hint: turn around at 50 minutes (or before) even if you haven’t gotten to the Newnan Square.
    3. Runners who return to the Finish Line before the 100 minute mark can optionally run half-mile loops to get more mileage before the deadline.
    4. Bottom Line:  You HAVE TO be at the Finish Line promptly at 10:40am.
    5. You need to map your run on your GPS watch or phone to prove how far you ran.
    6. The winner will be the one who (1) runs around the Newnan Square and (2) covers the most miles in 100 minutes.  There will be a boys and girls winner if anyone can complete the full course within the time limit.
  • Temperatures will be High-30’s to Low-40’s, so dress appropriately.
  • We expect to have volunteers help at road crossings, otherwise there is very little help/assistance/directions along the course… so take a phone with you if you tend to get lost. Since this is a Time Limit race, if you get off-course you aren’t disqualified… just keep running (but make sure you return by 10:40). You’re on your own to make it downtown and back.
  • There are no prizes other than pride and personal affirmation.  We expect to have hot chocolate at the finish line, though, so there’s that.